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Study Abroad In Singapore – Is It Worth the Trouble?

Should you study abroad in Singapore? Are the advantages worth the trouble of having to take care of your visa, deal with local bureaucracy, culture, and foods which you have little understanding about? We believe such questions ever pop up in your mind at least once if you have an interest of continuing your education in this country.

It’s normal, indeed, to wonder and worry like that, given that you’re going to live in completely different place from you’re in now. However, you should keep it to a minimum since Singapore reputation as one of the world leading countries in innovation, research and education has strong evidences. Mind you, the country has managed to step on the third rank in the INSEAD Global Innovation Index in 2012. And there are still a bunch of other achievements Singapore has been making for the recent years, so rest assured. In this article, we’ll walk you over some issues that you need to be aware of if you’re interested to study abroad in Singapore.

Colleges to Study Abroad In Singapore

Among the many universities and colleges in the country, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is probably your best option. It offers the most comprehensive list of degree programs for almost all academic fields. Provided its enormous scope, you’re probably curious to hear more about its quality. Well, you don’t have to be, actually, since NUS has been recorded as one of the 10 most leading universities in the world. It, in fact, has its highest achievement in several subjects such as materials science, mechanical engineering, computer science, as well as statistics and modern languages – making it a perfect university for you to study abroad in Singapore.

Still, Singapore isn’t all about NUS. The country is a house for many great universities you can pick out per your liking. Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University, for example, have also been drawing global scholars’ attention, thanks to its remarkable accomplishment in a number of subjects. Some universities in Singapore are also in an affiliation with other best colleges in other countries. The latest one might be the Singapore University of Technology and Design which shares its root together with Zhejiang University in China as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tuition Grant for Study Abroad In Singapore

If you think your financial condition hinders you, worry not; you can still study abroad in Singapore. There is always a way-around for that problem that is by applying for tuition to the government. However, you have to compete with native students. Another thing to bear in mind is that, you have to sign an agreement in which you’re obliged to work under a company officially registered as Singaporean for at least three years. Consider it as a sign of gratitude for the government for willing to finance your study.

A Few Warnings before You Study Abroad In Singapore  

So far, we have covered all the good things about studying in Singapore. Thus, we think it’s time for us to tell you about stuff you need to be aware of, here they are:
Don’t expect to find all the info you need regarding the available courses in one main website.
Rules about overseas students’ visas established by Immigrations and Custom Authority are literally incomprehensible. You’d better ask other foreign students who have lived in the country for years.
Sure, those things above aren’t quite nice to deal with but again you can’t expect everything to be in your favor. We hope you have a good luck with your study abroad in Singapore. 
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